How to remove libereco dialer from your system

To delete the dialer manually:
1. Run regedit.exe
2. Find
3. On the right hand side, are all the programs that starts automatically.
(You will see the path for the program as well, delete the entry out of the regestry and please make sure to delete it also from your harddrive)
4. Delete links out of the start menu and from the desktop.
Please check here HKEY_LOCAL_MASHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, too if the dialer still stays on.
If this still doesn’t work, please check if there is a rdve.exe on your computer.
If there is, please go ahead like this:
After using the uninstall program, re-start windows in MS-DOS mode.
Then change to the directory where the file rdve.exe is located and delete the rdve.exe-file manually.
(To change into the directory use command:
cd C:\exampledirectory1\exampledirectory2\
and confirm with ENTER, then, when you are inside the directory, type in
and confirm it with enter. Now you will see the files in that directory.
If you have found the rdve.exe, type in:
del rdve.exe
and ENTER to delete the file)
Now please turn back to the Windows Mode it should be gone then.”


~ by humor on May 31, 2007.

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