Keyboard Tricks and Free Popups-Killer

Against popups your best and most easy to use weapon is a simple keyboard shortcut : ALT + F4. Press them simultaneously and it will immediately close the active window. You can do it fast enough to close very fast opening popups.

You might find some windows that you cannot close with ALT+F4, try another shortcut : control + w. If you still can’t close them, use control + ALT + Del to open the task manager to select and kill the application manually. 

The web’s smartest popup killer is History Kill, its free and comes with “BLOCK” and “ALLOW” list, you only view the popups you want to view.

But, if you prefer, we found that Google, the world #1 search engine has included a great popups-killer ability with its latest toolbar : Google Bar. With it you will be able to stop popups entirely, or allow popups only from specific sites (white list). Best of all, it is 100% free, and does not require any signup or anything.

Installation is extremely easy and only takes a few seconds :
click here to visit Google Bar’s Homepage and install it.

For a detailed help regarding their popups-blocker ability, just visit this page :
Google Bar Popups Help.


~ by humor on May 31, 2007.

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