Surfing internet is becoming quite risky nowadays. You often have to browse through many unwanted popup windows, decline repetitive dialers install programs, sometimes your start page is changed without your consent, or new bookmarks are added without you knowing it. Actually, it is getting worse to the point we are getting emails everyday regarding those problems from our surfers.

Your computer can be infected by programs called adware (unsollicited advertising), spyware (recording your surfing activity to sell your informations). Those programs come from many sources, webpages can make you install them unknowingly, or popular softwares like Kazaa can install them onto your computer.

Before going further, let us give you some informations on our site, and explain you why elephantlist’s links are not totally free of the scamming stuff we just mentioned. Experimented surfers probably know this already, but if you are new, read this.

We provide links to galleries containing sex pictures, movies and stories. Some of the galleries are of our own, but the vast majority is not. Webmasters come to our site to submit their own galleries, we review them, twice, and if they are clean, we add them to the list. The problem is: some webmasters just can’t live honnestly and change their galleries after they submitted to The Elephant List. They add popups, dialers, anything, but the worst of all: they can edit your hosts file. If you don’t know what it is you must absolutely read what follows.

TIP!! if you use Windows, make sure you update all the patches and updates as often as possible (you can even set it to automatic).
You can go here for your windows updates, its FREE:


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