Free softwares to watch movies

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Windows Media Player – opens .mpeg, .asf and .wmv files 
Real Player – opens .ram and .rm files


Removal of the browser hijacker known as CoolWebSearch

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This ‘hijackware’ has many forms and is very hard to remove so the best we can do is point you to this complete information page :

The CoolWebSearch Chronicles, thanks to

If you surf TGPs a lot chances are you have encountered or will encounter a site run by a scammer that will use CWS to steal traffic (redirect you when you try to access some pages). Remember the best to keep safe is to always have your browser and operating system up to date.

How to remove libereco dialer from your system

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To delete the dialer manually:
1. Run regedit.exe
2. Find
3. On the right hand side, are all the programs that starts automatically.
(You will see the path for the program as well, delete the entry out of the regestry and please make sure to delete it also from your harddrive)
4. Delete links out of the start menu and from the desktop.
Please check here HKEY_LOCAL_MASHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, too if the dialer still stays on.
If this still doesn’t work, please check if there is a rdve.exe on your computer.
If there is, please go ahead like this:
After using the uninstall program, re-start windows in MS-DOS mode.
Then change to the directory where the file rdve.exe is located and delete the rdve.exe-file manually.
(To change into the directory use command:
cd C:\exampledirectory1\exampledirectory2\
and confirm with ENTER, then, when you are inside the directory, type in
and confirm it with enter. Now you will see the files in that directory.
If you have found the rdve.exe, type in:
del rdve.exe
and ENTER to delete the file)
Now please turn back to the Windows Mode it should be gone then.”

Keyboard Tricks and Free Popups-Killer

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Against popups your best and most easy to use weapon is a simple keyboard shortcut : ALT + F4. Press them simultaneously and it will immediately close the active window. You can do it fast enough to close very fast opening popups.

You might find some windows that you cannot close with ALT+F4, try another shortcut : control + w. If you still can’t close them, use control + ALT + Del to open the task manager to select and kill the application manually. 

The web’s smartest popup killer is History Kill, its free and comes with “BLOCK” and “ALLOW” list, you only view the popups you want to view.

But, if you prefer, we found that Google, the world #1 search engine has included a great popups-killer ability with its latest toolbar : Google Bar. With it you will be able to stop popups entirely, or allow popups only from specific sites (white list). Best of all, it is 100% free, and does not require any signup or anything.

Installation is extremely easy and only takes a few seconds :
click here to visit Google Bar’s Homepage and install it.

For a detailed help regarding their popups-blocker ability, just visit this page :
Google Bar Popups Help.

Better safe than sorry : update your Windows system and IE browser

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Cheaters use security flaws to install unwanted programs. Update your softwares frequently and you will be fine. We are talking about Microsoft systems and browsers because they are the target of cheaters, being the most popular.

Keep your browser up to date, visit and get the latest version and patches for MS Internet Explorer.

Go to and download the latest upgrades and security patches for Windows systems.

Free spyware scan, anti adware and spyware tools

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Do you have some crap toolbar installed on your explorer? Do most of the pages you visit contain annoying popups? Can’t you access some of your favorite sites anymore?

Check these anti spyware and adware tools:

Spybot Search & Destroy – You will find download links from their homepage but here is a shortcut to the download link on

LavaSoft Ad-aware 6.0 is another good anti adware programa that is free, used in cojunction with Spybot Search & Destroy they take care of most of the problems that occure with links.

Scumware, a global information page regarding unwanted advertising and how some companies are fucking with all of us.

Very important: your hosts file can be hacked and modified

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Very important : your hosts file can be hacked and modified
There is a way for unhonnest webmasters to add popups and other nasty stuff to almost every page you visit. With the use of an exploit they can hack your computer files and modifiy a very important one :

– Windows 98: c:\windows\hosts
– Windows 2000: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
– Windows XP: c:\windows\system32\drivers\hosts
By editing this file they can steal traffic from any site they want, they can block your access to any site, or they can add advertising (popups, dialers) to them. To hack your hosts file cheaters only have to have you visit their page, be it a TGP or simply a thumbnailed gallery! You don’t have to click anywhere on the page, you don’t have to install anything, it is a very malicious hack; you will not even notice that a flaw in your computer settings has just been exploited…
Open your hosts file (it has no extention) with notepad. It should contain only this line : localhost

If you see other domain names below it, it has been changed illegally. Just delete everything but localhost. Save the file and close it, and you should be fine again. If you are unsure, you can simply delete the file from your hard drive, it will be ok. I have heard that making your file read-only can protect you, but I am unsure.

If you really don’t understand how to do this, or if you want a more advanced protection against this problem and others, read the next topic.